Commencement Date (Classes) 2018

As you are all aware, first class will commence this Friday 09 February 2018. All classes will be held at the same time (starting from 07:30PM) but are divided according to the age group as per the table shown below.

Please ensure that you attend on time so you don’t miss anything.

Thank you.

Year / AgeClass LocationServant(s)
Kindy & Year 1Sunday School HallMadeline Melek
Year 2 & Year 3Sunday School HallMounir Henien
Year 4 to Year 7Sunday School HallEhab Joseph & Fady Awad
Year 8 to Year 12Community CentreAdel Sharobim & Ragi Awad
Open (Basic)Community CentreAdel Fanous & Michael Kyrollos
Open (Advanced)Car Park Hall (Wooden Area)Fr. Sharobim & Mina Hemaia
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