HH Pope Tawadros II

HH Pope Tawdros Sermon in the Inaugural Meeting of Deacons Schools – April 2017

HG Bishop Raphael

Bishop Raphael talks about Deacons School and its development – April 2017

What Do We Provide?

  • Hymnology

    The word “Hymnology” is originated from Greek ὕμνος hymnos, “song of praise” and -λογία -logia, “study of” which is the study of religious song, or the hymn.

  • Coptic Language

    The Coptic language is extremely important to us as Copts because it’s the language that was spoken by our forefathers. It’s also the language that we use in the liturgy and by which we sing many of the church hymns. It is also worth mentioning that there’s a significant difference between chanting hymns while reading them in Coptic versus Coptic English. This is why many of the hymns will be only written in the Coptic alphabet so that you can train yourself to read Coptic.

  • Liturgical Rites

    When we first step into church, we do not only meet with God, the angels, and the saints, but also God enlightens us towards a new understanding of heavenly matters. For the wheat becomes the Body of Christ, the fruit of the vine becomes His Blood, and the incense are prayers.

    Topics include:

    • Introduction to the church; its structure and meaning.
    • Evolution of the church building.
    • Structural divisions of the church.
    • Altar vessels and utensils.
    • The Censer and incense.
    • The iconostasis.
    • Candles and candlelight.
    • Oil types.
    • etc.